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Hamburg is for lovers I


What a warm and sunny weekend we had here in Hamburg.
On Saturday I shared my weekend pastry ritual with this lovely lady. We went on a little bike trip and stopped very spontaneously to go to the zoo.
I just love the pose of the male baboon. Can you believe how he sits there, and puts his right arm on his knee, like he is waiting for the bus at the bus station:)
It was also the first time I took out my polaroid SX-70...Unfortunately the film really
shows that it was already expired..well..I guess I will always be so fascinated by the great colours that I even take them with a bunch of black spots ...

On Sunday I got up quiet early and went out for a run. I like the feeling of being up when many people still seem to sleep. It is just quiet and after you come back and had a shower it still feels like early in the morning....I had fresh pressed orange juice and ate my breakfast with an open balcony door ...I enjoyed this so much...
Later in the day I catched up with friends at a park and we went to the beach...You could tell that it was the very first warm day after a long long time. We had 21°C and everyone seemed to be out on their bikes, at any park, café or sitting with an icecream at the beach welcoming the ships entering the harbour...
When I biked back from the beach along the river in the evening I just thought how much I really love this city.

After this warm and sunny weekend today was just very grey and rainy. I put on my purple shoes to protest a bit against this....and when I came back from work and sat down to eat my dinner...for a little time slot the sun came out...well I guess it worked out to the best time....

What did you do on the weekend...
Could you enjoy the first warmth of the sun too?


Last pictures of April

A few streets