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Walking home
Coffee for two
Afternoon coffee
Where is the rainbow
CUT Magazine
CUT Magazine
Cut Magazine
Cut Magazine
CUT Magazine

I loved this Friday..

Waking up and the sun is shining...
Coming back early from work in the afternoon..
Going out with a very good friend to a nice coffee place around the corner...
Coming back into a sunny flat..
Smiling about some sun on a "rainy pillow"...
Reading in the new CUT magazine...It is such a great combination of
crafting, inspiration for little sewing projects, fashion and little stories and interviews about crafter or designer, like this lady. They even have sewing patterns and step by step manuals and many other do-it-yourself-ideas in it...
It is made with love and you can see and feel this on every single page...

A good Friday...I hope you also had a good start into the weekend..
What are you planning to do on this (Spring-y) weekend??

Have a wonderful weekend everyone...



The shadows are back