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A few streets


There is a bunch of streets here in Hamburg which I always liked. Especially one street I am fond of ever since I have been there the very first time.
It has so much charm this cobbled street with its beautiful trees -- which seem like they are dead in Autumn and Winter...but oh wait for Spring...they are just stunning..
The houses are tall and beautiful but the street is still wide enough that they all get enough light...Some of the houses have stairs in front of them and the people who live there have wild little flower patches in front of their houses...and it just seems very quiet an oasis...
It is not a long street but it could take me some time to walk I look up and love to see details and stop here and there..
When I was looking for an apartment a year ago I remember how eager I was to find a flat there...but I couldn't..
I still like it there..and every now and than like today I walk along there and just enjoy it...
And today I even found a book there...lying in a box which had a sign "for free"... A good street....didn't I say it : )


Hamburg is for lovers I