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The last week

me too
Polaroids love light
Polaroids love light
Wool yarn in the light
Making curry
My painted teapots are ready...I really like them
Hot cross bun...what you eat for Easter in Australia
Fruits and yoghurt the dream combination
I am back since a couple of days and feel a bit like someone beamed me back into my usual everyday life like nothing has happened...It is surprising when you see that the wheel of work does not change at all. I mean I know I have has just been away for three weeks but I still think it is weird when you realize how things you do, see, enjoy could change you within such a time...

I carry so many precious moments and memories in me that I think I will live for a while in my little bubble, still breathing the fresh sea breeze in my mind, going for a swim before breakfast, feeling the sun on my skin, just being around the person I love..

Thank you all so much for your nice comments on my posts during my time there. I was also so great to get comments from a few people from Australia who read my blog and I didn't know about yet...

Here are a few pictures from my last week.

Enjoying the wonderful light....
Catching up with lovely friends and spending the day at the beach
Making curry for a curry night
Picking up the teapots after their last burning, They turned out so great..I love them both
Having my first hot cross bun, which you eat for Easter there
Spending time
Eating the best fruits for breakfast....


Waiting for a train