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The counting has an end

The sun made my day today
I can't wait to come to the homeland of Vegemite
Clothes piles are ready
Good night
It has been a very sunny day today. And I just love when you go out the door in the morning, feel the sun and also see how much it can change everything...I guess we just had way too little sun this Winter which is why I appreciate every single minute of it.
But I was also pretty happy because my little countdown is coming to its end...
The clothes piles are ready, cameras and films are packed, the ipod filled with some good music and I am quiet excited about tomorrow when a plane and me in it, will take off flying to Australia.
I look so much forward to being there...not just to take pictures, enjoy the amazing blue skies and the sun, but most of all to see a certain person....
If anyone has some good tips for Melbourne or Sydney, I would love to read about your favourite places...
A 23h trip is waiting for me...and I should better get some sleep..
Good night

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