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There was sun and snow yesterday. A good combination.
I catched up with friends for coffee and also with the local photobooth for a bunch of pictures. I loved the colour of the sky when I walked home and wished at the same time to be far away..

I got this new Broken Social Scene song World Sick the other day. It is so good and you should listen to it...maybe a bit louder than usual.

It took them five long years to produce a new album and I can't wait to listen to it.
Five years!
Thinking back it is crazy to realize how many things have happened every since: places I have visited, people I haven't known back than and are now big parts of my life, I finished my study and started a job which seemed so far away back than..and this space I am writing on right now was not even an idea five years ago...
...It makes me so curious about the future...