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Jumper love

Jumper knitted by my mum 20 years ago
Jumper knitted by my mum 20 years ago
Jumper knitted by my mum 20 years ago...I love the colour and the details
Jumper knitted by my mum
The growing project
two left two right

My mum used to work in a wool shop back in the days and knitted many of the jumpers my brother and I wore when we were little. She also knitted jumpers on commission for people who couldn't knit and in the late evenings when she had some time left she was working on a few cardigans and jumpers for herself. She kept all of them in a closet up in the attic and last weekend when I have been at home I was looking through this closet and found those two jumpers she made when she was my age or even younger...I couldn't believe how great they are, the colours, the patterns, their condition - thinking that they are already 20 years old...I was wondering how long it must have taken her to knit them and also how great it is to make something like this which lasts so long.
She asked me if I would like to have them and I took them up with me to Hamburg and really love to wear them especially as it is so cold and snowy outside. I think it is great to get things passed on. It has such a great worth to me and I am proud when people ask me were I got them from and I can say my mom made them...

In the meanwhile I am still sitting here on my little scarf knitting project which is not really comparable with the things my mum knitted to this time..but I try and maybe one day I can pass it on too which I can imagine must be a nice feeling too...