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A desk story

Desk love
oh sun ...come by more often pleasethe knob
it is old my desk...but I like such signs of any way
The Kaweco pen which I got from a friend. They used to be a sport journalists pen in the 30s
a pen and tea

Last Saturday when the sun was shining into my room for a few moments I couldn't resist to take a picture. You know from this post already how much I like this spot in my flat.
I really do.
I got the desk from my aunt who works in an old kindergarden which used to be a nun-kindergarden and they threw out all sorts of nice things when they cleaned out the cellar...And I was lucky to get this desk. We renovated it and I got a nice knob for it on my last trip to Copenhagen.
I like the fact to have a little drawer in it, to keep letters, pictures and all sorts of things and to see small signs of age, like marks or spots makes it so interesting too...

Apart from a bit of sun I also got a nice belated birthday present. A Kaweco pen. ..Apparently in the 30s many sport journalists used it as it was so short and perfect to travel with or to leave it in the pocket of their shirt...It is so simple and handy due to its lenghts and I look forward to writing with it and having it on my desk..