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feet, bag, me
feet, bag, me
The coziest couch bar
Someone stole my bike on the weekend : (

A view more images from my Saturday.
I have been to my favourite book store to have a little look, I really like the rough, black floor they have there.
On my way back I passed this nice tiled entrance and also Zoe's -a cozy couch bar. It looks so great when the old lamp with their big shades are switched on in the evening and the people sit there like in their own living room, having a chat and a little drink..

On the not so nice side of this weekend; I got my bike stolen.
I am really sad about it as I just can't imagine who would do such a thing and why. It was not fancy at all, just a white, little rusty, even a bit flat, fleamarket bike...I couldn't believe it when it was not at the place I locked it...well...what can you do...I was looking through my picture files and found this polaroid with it.

It is the first day of March today...and it will be a good month...

The counting has an end

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