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bits and bobs

blue sky
police officer
ceramic heads
A lovely cat bottle opener
oh blue sky
Herr Max
beloved mini chocolate tartes
Tulips and sun
Fleamarket find
Fleamarket find

Blues Sky, flea market, and lovely little treasures everywhere

#1: saw this wonderful sky-matching flash on a wall
#2: there were many nice little, also a bit odd things at the flea market today, like those monkeys
#3: ...a gentle looking policeman doll
#4: ...this box with ceramic heads (I was wondering who might have broken them and why) and
#5: the adorable cat bottle opener..
#6: I enjoyed the blue sky and the bits of sun we had today a lot
#7: also went to Herr Max to get a few mini chocolate tartlets and
#8: passed glowing tulips
#9: This is my little flea market find.
I keep the chocolate tartlets I got in them, not long I guess :)

A good Saturday it was...
How was yours?