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Sometimes there are small things which really fascinate me.
Like this pot with a hyacinth I got a few weeks ago. In the first days I thought there will never come anything out at all as it was not showing any little bud or any move. I was really caring and gave it enough water and put a little string around the leaves that they can't fall over when they get bigger...And finally after a while it started growing and growing. I was sitting in front of it sometimes and hoped I could maybe once see how a bud opens and shows it nice blue-lilac-ish blossom..
Speaking of growing, I stumpled over this cute movie trailer today and thought I should share it. A documentary about the first year of four babies from all around the world. Sufjan Stevens in the background and really beautiful scenes in the trailer are pretty convincing..
Don't you think?

A garland & some music on a Friday night