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A garland & some music on a Friday night

Note in my calendar
getting ready
the pieces of the garland
the sewing bit

Friday. Weekend. Already. This week really seemed like flying was so busy and it is good that the weekend starts now.
I made this little drawing in my calendar the other day to remind me to make a little garland for the space where those little bags where hanging for a while. I always wanted to sew one and now as I have collected a few nice fabrics I finally found the time to sit down and make the magic noises with my sewing maching...tzzztzzstzzs...

I was sitting in the train from Berlin to Hamburg today watching the white landscape flying by outside and listening to this song.. Just the trees and houses popping up every now and than showed that we were not driving through a snow desert... I love Grizzy Bear...and I was still listening to their album while sewing tonight...

Anyways, I hope you all have a great Friday night...

Take care