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A week of Saturdays and the end of a year

self made plum jam with goat cheese
cake at Mutterland
veggie soup
In the morning

Having a week off is so great...but not having any plans and just do what you would like to do is such luxury.
We decided to have "a week of Saturdays" and do all things we love to do on the weekends, like sleeping in, reading, crafting, going out for a coffee, to the museum, having afternoon naps, cook and eat good food. It has been such a good week so far....and I could have a whole month of Saturdays : )

The weather was beautiful on Monday, the sun was shining and and we went out for a walk through the city. I even found this pair of Jeans. I am not so easy when it comes to buying jeans but when I found the perfect one I will love them forever. It took me 2 years now to find a good pair and I am very happy with them.
We got our groceries on the Isemarkets a farmers market which just takes place on Tuesdays and had a great cheese lunch when we came home. I can't get enough of goat cheese with the plum jam I made this summer. It is so good.
On Wednesday we had a good coffee at this nice cafè "Mutterland". We ate a great poppy seed cake which was not too sweet which I thought was nice after eating a way to many cookies around Christmas..
Speaking of cake I found this nice recipe in Nigel Slaters new cookbook called "Tender" it is a beet root - dark chocolate - cake and it sounds so interesting, I am thinking of making it on the weekend.

Well, in the middle of all the Saturdays this week, today already is the 31st of December, the last day of the year. It has been and exciting year for me and I also decided to start this little space. A home for my images, thoughts or memories, and I think it is such a great experience and amazing how many amazing people you meet via this medium. Thank you for coming by and your lovely comments.

A happy new year to everyone!



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