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ready for winter
first snow

We had a bit snow the other day but since two days it is really snowing...
In a way that trees, cars and everything which doesn't move -at least for a while- is covered with a nice snow "coat". When I woke up this morning I could already feel and see the special brightness in the room which just appears when it is snowing outside. Everything seems so calm and so special. I really like it and I am happy that it seems like there will be a white Christmas this year.

I got myself this wool dress from H&M which will keep me warm, it is already -8° outside. Ah Winter, you make me realize how nice seasons are. How much I loved it as a kid to go out sledding all day coming back starving and eating fresh made cookies from the tray.

I will now start wrapping some gifts and listen to the nice Christmas album from Sufjan Stevens.

Snowy wishes
Maria : )

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