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quiet days

some sun and wool socks
christmas decoration
The last couple of days have been quiet, which was very relaxing and nice. My parents live on the country side and sometimes when I sit in my room after a while I am realizing how just super quiet it is compare to our apartment in Hamburg and all you maybe hear are the bells from the church every 15 minutes.

We were reading a lot the last days, watched the Royal Tenenbaums, played board games, went out for a walk, catched up with family and friends....and of course had tons of cookies especially at my grandmothers place. My, they are pretty tasty.

But it is now time to get back. The bags are packed and we will make our way back north tonight. I have another week off and I look forward to reading in the new cook book we got for Christmas and trying out new recipes. It is a gorgeous book with a beautifully made cotton cover wrap (the bar code is stitched on it at the back!) And I must admit I look also forward to coming back to the city...

Some quiet and relaxed wishes to all of you

The licence to knit

Happy Holidays