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Wednesday is just tomorrow

Wednesday is just tomorrow
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Wednesday is just tomorrow

It seems this year is the year of little trips to nice cities...
Munich & Dublin in Spring, Copenhagen & Berlin in Summer and tomorrow Ill go on a little trip to London. I haven't been there for such a long time I think I was 17 when two friends and I explored this big and wonderful city and paid 10€ for a coffee : ) but still loved it ....
This time I will pick up my special person who is finishing exams and we celebrate this with giving us five more days in London till we fly back to Hamburg on Sunday...
I look so much forward to walking around the city, taking pictures, having good food, going to museums & little shops ...and just feeling the city

But before this I'll go out tonight and see the amazing Grizzly Bear...and not that this concert would already be enough they are getting supported by St. Vincent and this is just such a great great combination.

Oh and the concert last Tuesday was so great. St. Vincent was so lovely and Grizzly Bear itself just amazing. I can highly recommend it. I forgot my camera at home but it would be hard to capture on an image anyway. Go when you have the chance....

London ...the first day

Down South