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almond tarte with rum fruits and honey icecream
kitchen store
kitchen store
early bird
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Herr Max
Herr Max

Like I already wrote once. I love Fridays evenings. They are the best.
It is something I look forward to the whole week.
And how nice is it to get picked up from work to stroll a bit through the city enjoy the first walk via the christmas market and a have a nice dinner afterwards.
We had an amazing dessert again. An almond tarte with rum fruits and honey icecream. They had pretty nice wallpaper in the washrooms there and I couldn't resist taking a picture : )
On our way home we passed this pretty nice shop in which they sell really great kitchen tools...

I did some more crafting on little projects this morning and we biked to the lovely café Herr Max in the afternoon to have a nice coffee and to read a bit. It is so cozy there and the cakes are sooo delicious too. The bakery is in the back of the café and you can see how Herr Max makes all the cakes...The cafè used to be a butcher and they kept the old tiles on the walls which I think are just the i-dot on this lovely place. You should go when you have the chance to come to Hamburg and also have a look at they nice drawings they sell there from:

Oh by the way there is this amazing sewing magazine, called CUT which is out since this year. They will have an Advent calendar on their blog giving you every day tips what you could get or craft for the beloved onse for Christmas. When you need ideas just have a look and it seems the lovely ladies from Munich will even give out sewing patterns.

A lovely weekend to everyone



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