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A Saturday

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fabric II

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My Saturday didn't start like I thought it would be. Standing in the bathroom and suddenly hearing loud drops coming down from the ceiling made me wondering "what it this sound"...and all I thought was ...pipe burst!

I had so many things in my head I wanted to do today, like going to the farmers market, having a nice breakfast while reading the paper and enjoying the sun and going to the fabric market...but well it is not always like you think ...And it turned out our neighbours upstairs had a leak anywhere in their bathroom...
I went to the farmers market while the plumber was on its way...and realized at home I forgot my apples at any stall there...and after everything was fixed I could finally go the fabric market which took place here this Saturday.
It was funny to see how all women who left the subway were walking into one direction ...getting faster and faster...The fabric market was amazing, so many zippers, meters of all kind of fabrics, knobs, yarns, sewing machines and women.
I got myself some nice fabric which l'll sew some christmas gifts with....oh and I also got the apples back : )

Happy pipe-burst-less weekend : )


wet leaves