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Mutterland packaging

I had a coffee at this place called "Mutterland" (Motherland) here in Hamburg the other day. It is a really nice café and a great escape from the hustle and bustle of the city as it is really central....You can have typically German lunch like warm potatoe salad with meatballs or shop at their deli where you can buy all sorts of local German delicacies, like mustard in those amazing old stone jars, handmade caramel with rosemary flavour but also organic tea or bread and self-made cakes or bonbons...and so many other things.... Every time I come into Mutterland I just don't know where to look first : )
I also really like how they wrap gifts for you. They have different stamps they put on little red patches and you can decide which one you would like to have sewn on your package...It is a great idea...and I was thinking to maybe copy it for Christmas and try to do this with my sewing machine...let's see which needle I could use for this...

I hope you are having a nice week


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